Mobile Service


Bringing independence to you

 In 2013, we embarked on a project to custom fit-out a large van to operate as a Mobile Service delivering what we offer through the Life Unlimited Store. This was launched into communities in the Waikato in April 2013. It enables everyone easy access to independent living advisory services, equipment and information no matter where they live or their situation. We understand that it is not possible for everyone to visit one of our stores. Some people may initially be uncomfortable considering options and equipment to assist in independent living. This service is impartial and non-threatening, visiting your location or site so that you feel able and comfortable accessing our Life Unlimited services. This free Waikato based service is available now to visit your group or venue.

Take the first step to your independence or to helping and supporting others live independently, book your visit online or freephone Life Unlimited on 0800 008 011.

What does the Mobile Service offer?

A custom fit and equipped large van, containing sliding displays at the rear and side of the van, will visit your group or venue. Our specialist Information and Equipment Consultants will bring the service to you, set up numerous displays and be on hand to assist you and others and to answer any queries you may have. A wide range of Independent living aids and assistive equipment will be available for purchase from the van.

Who can benefit?

Any group or organisation, within the Waikato can book this free service.

  • Retirement villages and residential care facilities
  • Clubs (e.g. Rotary, Probus, Lions)
  • Disability Support groups
  • Church groups
  • Medical centres
  • Rural groups

What other’s say about the service …

“The equipment was brought straight to us, making it accessible for all without having to travel. People in our group found the service helpful. It made them more aware of what is available to assist them in their daily lives.”
Ruth Ellis, Convenor: Women’s Fellowship Group, Paeroa

“Jar Key opener, the best thing I ever bought.”
Anne Alexander (at Waikato Winter Show)

“I found this Mobile service of Life Unlimited very helpful in assisting me.”
Lyn Kkejnish (at Waikato Winter Show)

“Helped to buy things for Arthritis and informed me of Life Store location.”
Lyn Gerrand (at Waikato Winter Show)

“After carpal tunnel surgery on both hands, bought the Good Grips swivel peeler. Awesome.”
Collette Lowe (at Waikato Winter Show)

“Great visual display and explanations.”
Helen Painting (at Waikato Winter Show)

What is the cost?

There is no cost to book or have a visit from the van. The van does come equipped with numerous independent living aids and equipment that people can browse over and purchase if they wish.

What do you have to provide?

An area, preferably under or near shelter, for the van and it’s displays to be set up within. A hall or reception area is ideal. The experience will be more pleasant for your group members if there is shelter and a quiet place to interact with the staff and van displays.

How long do we need to allow for a visit?

This depends on the number in your group. We recommend at least one to two hours to give people time to browse, try, seek advice, make purchases and for us to demonstrate and provide them with the information and support they need.

We’d love a visit from the Mobile Service, how do we book?

You can book your visit here online or freephone Life Unlimited on 0800 008 011.