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Please help the hard of hearing

A4 posters

Download – Are You Hard of Hearing poster

Download – Please help hard of hearing poster


A5 double-sided desktop hearing sign

Download double sided A5 desktop sign

Instructions on how to print

  • Click on the left-hand side image to open the PDF file
  • Select the printer icon, showing at the top right-hand side which will open in another window
  • Select the printer icon, at the top right-hand side to open the print options (see screenshot below)
  • Click on ‘more settings’
  • Where it says ‘pages per sheet’ select 2 and make sure the tick option is showing on ‘two sided, print on both sides’
  • Print the double sided A4 sheet and you are ready to cut and use as the A5 desk sign


A3 poster

Download – Care Facility poster



DL flyers

Download Deaf or Hearing Impaired? Practical devices to help. Flyer?

Download Everywhere noise! Your hearing is at risk. Flyer

Download Hearing loss – are you affected? Flyer

Download Living with hearing loss – Tips for communicating well. Flyer

Download Save your hearing! 10 top tips. Flyer

Reflective practice: Learning through the client story

Hearing therapists work with their clients to identify and prioritise their hearing and communication needs, and to problem-solve with them to find appropriate solutions.

Best practice requires the hearing therapist learn through the client story – and in telling their story the client also reflects on and develops insight into their own experiences.

This process helps the client identify new strategies and tools they can use in the situations they find most challenging.

Download the reflective practice poster

An essential component of reflective hearing therapy practice is the recording and evaluation of intervention outcomes. Seeking client feedback is an important part of this process.

This downloadable poster describes the client journey of Holly Campbell. It includes feedback provided to hearing therapist Debbie Brown during their final rehabilitation session together and demonstrates the significant benefit Holly experienced through hearing therapy.

Read more about Holly’s story.