Hearing Aids

Hearing loss doesn’t automatically mean you need hearing aids. Your needs will depend on the extent of the loss and how it affects your daily life – this is what a hearing therapist will help work with you on as part of the free national service from Hearing Therapy.

Life Unlimited hearing therapists do not sell or fit hearing aids. However, we do:

  • carry out a hearing test, assess your communication needs and discuss the results. If a need for a hearing aid is indicated we can refer you to an audiologist or other health professional with your consent
  • provide independent advice and guidance about hearing aids or other types of hearing devices
  • provide support if you already have a hearing aid but feel it is not working effectively for you
  • provide information on any hearing aid funding you may be entitled to

General advice on purchasing hearing aids in New Zealand

There is a wide range of hearing aids and devices available in New Zealand. These come at a wide range of prices. It is important to do your research.

  • If someone recommends a particular hearing aid to you, ask them why?  Does it suit your type of hearing loss?
  • Do you need all the ‘extra features’ or will a more basic hearing aid be cheaper and easier to use?
  • Is the person recommending the hearing aid to you paid to sell that particular brand?
  • Ask questions, and make sure you let the person know if there’s anything you don’t understand.

For more information you can read The guide to getting hearing aids: Hearing aid funding scheme from the Ministry of Health.

To seek hearing therapy from Life Unlimited, request an appointment online or call 0800 008 011 to talk to our reception team. We have qualified hearing therapists in communities across New Zealand.

Being fitted with hearing aids has had a big impact on Gary Climo’s life. He’s more confident and outgoing, and he’s enjoying precious time with his grandkids. Read Gary’s story: Hearing again ‘magic!’