October 6, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Tony McLean
027 493 4601

What you always wanted to know about Intellectual Impairment but were never told

John Armstrong

John Armstrong

This series provides a powerful tool for any person who loves or supports a person who lives with a learning impairment. 

It will provide understanding, insight and a wide range of practical tools for you to use.

One of the most fundamental aspects of supporting people well is understanding ‘who’ they are and ‘how’ they tick.  For all people this is a complex and multi-layered process, however for people with learning challenges this complexity can be significantly increased. 

This is not due to the person per se, but rather as a result of our limited or unsophisticated understanding of the implications of intellectual impairment/learning disability on individuals, family/whanau, communities, and society.

This event has been specifically created to assist participants to gain a much deeper understanding of the implications of intellectual impairment for the learner and as a result, their supporters, staff and loved ones. It will cover:

  • Insight into the daily difficulties that confront people with this impairment
  • A brief review of how people with intellectual impairment have been treated through history 
  • Some of the misinformed perspectives held by ‘the community’
  • Four different perspectives for understanding the needs of people and what supports make sense, &
  • Practical principals and tools for supporting people to succeed and understand.

Delivery Approach

Please note there is a small fee to access this series of learning. $20 for disabled people, family/whanau and $50 for professionals. 

To make this content easily available it will be delivered through

  1. Three x 2-hour pre-recorded online sessions. Once you have registered you’ll receive a unique online access code for the content which will be available from 1 September – 30 September 2021. You can watch (and re-watch) the sessions when and where suits you.

    2. On 6 October 2021 you’ll have access to John Armstrong (the trainer of this material) for a 1.5-hour, live online Q & A session.    This interactive time will enable you to ask any questions and hear the answers to questions asked by others.

About the Presenter

John Armstrong has worked in government, non-government, and consultancy roles since the early ’70s and was a member of the Victorian Intellectual Disability Review Panel for eight years. Having been introduced to Social Role Valorisation in the early ’80s, he went on to train and receive recognition as a Senior SRV Trainer, and since 1991 he has worked as a self-employed consultant across Australia and New Zealand conducting training, consultancy, and evaluation.

John has a particular interest and provides training and articles related to the factors that promote the welfare of people and reduce the potential for neglect and harm.  He is a regular visitor to Aotearoa NZ where he has taught widely over the past two decades.

John has a gifting for taking complex and multifaceted concepts, ideas and realities and breaking these into easily digestible segments.

For people whose attendance is funded by their employer
For disabled people and their family and whanau (if you need more than 5 places please let us know).

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