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Susan Wilson

Susan Wilson

Local Area Coordination is a holistic way of working with people towards a good life. It’s an opportunity to explore and think about what is possible – and then make the steps towards that vision.

The best thing about being a Local Area Coordinator is meeting people and getting to know what makes them tick.

Before I started as a Local Area Coordinator, I was working with young adults transitioning from school. My experience in the disability sector is mixed with education, arts and event management. A Jackie of all trades!

In my spare time, I enjoy taking my dog for walks on the beach, gardening, making creative messes and frequenting op shops.


Phone: 021 652 943

Cyndi Miller

Cyndi MillerLocal Area Coordination encourages people to make their own choices. We work wherever people are. I’ve had meetings everywhere – in a food court at the local mall, the library, at someone’s home. Sometimes it’s as simple as picking up takeaway coffee and popping in for a chat. There’s no pressure.

As a Local Area Coordinator, we get to meet so many people we wouldn’t meet if we were in any other role. Our community is diverse. There are amazing people out there who have the most wonderful stories to tell.

I’ve lived in the Hutt Valley for more than nine years. I’m South African, though I’ve also lived in the UK and Australia. My training is in special education and I’ve taught in three countries.

My son and I love living in the Hutt Valley because you don’t have to drive very far before you hit the sea and then in the other direction you have beautiful mountains and vineyards. I can’t get enough of the beach! I also love writing and reading books. I LOVE coffee – you could say I live on it!

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