What we do

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Local Area Coordinators know a lot about the groups, organisations and businesses in the Hutt Valley.

If you’re just after some advice and information, we can tell you what’s happening and what’s available.

If you want us to spend time with you and your whānau to learn about what you want for your life, we can do that too! We can then work with you to achieve those dreams.

You might already know what you want to do or maybe you need a friendly face to bounce ideas off – no matter what stage you’re at, we’re happy to chat.

Local Area Coordination is free for anyone with a disability in the Hutt Valley.

Another important part of our work is making sure we keep up with what’s happening locally and building positive relationships with the groups, organisations and businesses in our area. This all leads to a better community for everyone – a community that is welcoming and inclusive.

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If you are interested in working with a Local Area Coordinator or if your group, organisation or business wants to learn more about Local Area Coordination please contact us.