Disability Start workshops

Wendy van den Berg

Life Unlimited Charitable Trust provides disability training workshops to businesses, local authorities, government or other community organisations. Disability Start training offers access to up-to-date information on disability issues.

The New Zealand Disability Strategy identified the need for greater awareness of people with disabilities and the issues that surround them.

John McIntosh

Key staff members and people with disabilities, who have a diverse array of skills and expertise, provide the training.

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What will Life Unlimited offer participants?

We are able to tailor these sessions to meet the needs of the participants.

As part of each training session all participants receive a comprehensive training manual for future reference.  Our team of Wendy van den Berg and John McIntosh are also available for any on-going support or training that may be needed.

What are the objectives of this training?

The main objective of this training is to assist the participants to become more aware about disability issues and the inclusion of disabled people in today’s society.

We provide strategies that will assist participants to implement key aspects of diversity into their daily professional practice.

An example of the topics covered:

The language and types of disability:

  • A brief overview of various disabilities and their impact on daily living.

An inclusive society in today’s environment:

  • Community attitude to disability
  • Accessibility – looking at our environment
  • Political changes in New Zealand
  • Social and medical models of disability.

Practical exercises around disability barriers:

  • Practical simulations (physical experience highlighting key issues outlined in the training) incorporating a comprehensive debriefing and reflective session
  • Demonstration of assistive and adaptive equipment in association with Mobility Centre

About the trainers:

  • Wendy van den Berg is a programme coordinator in the Life Unlimited Community Services team. She delivers the Life Friends programme and manages the multi-sensory environment room and garden.
  • John McIntosh is responsible for community liaison at Life Unlimited. In his role he enhances the knowledge and understanding of disability. John was born with scoliosis – a severe curvature of the spine.   Read more