Barbara Tane, left, and Te Rōpu Wāhine Māori Toko i te Ora branch president Melodie Hamon at the White Ribbon Day in Te Awamutu

A busy life for Sally

No one could accuse Sally Marston of wasting her time, with commitments almost every day of the week to social groups, sport and volunteering.

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Group of six people sit around a table drinking coffee and talking

Eve conquers her fears with Life Friends

Eve Ruth is warm and friendly. She’s a good listener and happy to have a chat – all the qualities that make for a good friend. But after managing a long illness, Eve found the friendships she once enjoyed had vanished. An adult education programme in Hamilton called Life Friends has set her on the path to making and sustaining new connections.

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Question Time with Freedom

Freedom Nathan tells it like it is with an infectious sense of humour. She’s a farm girl who likes to go fishing and hunting with her cousins. The fact she completely lost her sight age 5 hasn’t stopped her living life to the full.

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women in cafe talking

Training to get hearing again

It’s like going into training – to get the best out of your hearing devices you need to prepare, you need to practise and you need to be realistic, says hearing therapist Tracy Henderson.

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Teenager standing in front of wall with signage for the United Nations

Asperger’s no excuse for Tauranga teen

When 17-year-old Kat Speidell applied to join the Global Leaders Delegation on a 20-day tour of Europe, she was up against masters students from universities all around the country. Kat didn’t think she had a chance — not that she let that stop her when she heard about the opportunity.

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Young woman in orange suit does gymnastic poses on the edge of the Auckland Sky Tower.

Sophie fearless in seeking out new challenges

Sophie Turner lives with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Tourette Syndrome (Tourette’s). She’s also been diagnosed with autism. It’s an impressive string of letters, but Sophie hasn’t let it get in the way of her goals.

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