Question Time with Victoria

Victoria is proof that Deaf can do anything. But this busy mum, student and entrepreneur tells us that ignoring her language needs makes life unnecessarily challenging.

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Question Time with Eilish

Having faced down death … twice … Eilish knows not to sweat the small stuff. Vision impaired due to an inoperable brain tumour, Eilish’s trusty guide dog Loie, has given a new found independence. Now she’s determined to experience all life has to offer.

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Question Time with Tim

Tim is a talented musician and he’s passionate about helping people to find their tribe: in this short piece he talks abut the bullies and what he did to combat them.

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Senior man walking on the beach

How to prevent or reduce back pain

Back pain can have a significant impact on day to day life. As with most injuries, prevention is better than cure, so reduce your risk of developing back pain with these tips and read about assistive aids to manage pain and stay active.

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Woman sitting on a park bench by the sea

Respite and carer support

Respite and Carer Support are funded by the Ministry of Health and provide an opportunity for you to get a much needed break. But, there are also other ways you can take time out to relax and unwind.

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Woman preparing vegetables for dinner

Community residential homes

Community residential homes are an option for people who need a higher level of support, as often there is a caregiver on-site to help you out. Funded by the Ministry of Health, community residential homes are for people with long-term physical, intellectual and/or sensory disabilities who meet certain criteria.

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