Young boy playing with sand on the beach

Holiday activities away from home

Transitions can be difficult for people with learning disabilities or autism and travel is really a series of transitions. Preparation is the key to making travel as comfortable as possible.

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Christmas presents under a tree

Coping with Christmas

Shannon Clement is an Auckland mother of two pre-schoolers, one on the autism spectrum and the other not. She is married, works part-time in online marketing and has been diagnosed with autism (ASD). She shares her top tips for coping with Christmas.

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Young person with learning disability weaving flax

Community day programmes

Community day programmes provide an opportunity for participants to take part in the community, develop friendships and learn life skills.

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Humour, invention and rebellion

Drums were an unlikely choice of instrument for a young John McIntosh. He was born with scoliosis – a severe curvature of the spine. Typical symptoms include limited mobility and heart and lung difficulties – the type of symptoms that make lugging around a drum kit challenging.

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Two preschool girls drawing with coloured pencils

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Early childhood education is not compulsory in New Zealand, but attending a quality ECE environment can provide your child with the opportunity to play, socialise and learn with other children.

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