Man sitting on wheelchair

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

It doesn’t matter where an accident occurs, or what caused it — whether it’s at home, school, work or play — anyone who has an accident and is injured or disabled can get support from ACC.

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woman and man in apron cooking preparing dinner food in kitchen together.

Flatting with others

Flatting or house-sharing is a great option if you don’t want to live alone but want to become independent from your parents or family. You could still be eligible for funded support to help make flatting work for you – or you may wish to pay privately for a support person to carry out some tasks for you.

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Young boy at the lake with his dog

Talking about puberty and how to stay safe

Some things are really tough to talk about with your kids, like physical development and puberty, and keeping safe from abuse. Even if you find talking about these issues difficult, it’s important your child gets the facts from you first, rather than from their peers or the internet.

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group meeting at table

New approaches to disability funding

If you live in certain regions of New Zealand, you might be interested in new programmes and initiatives that use the New Model for disability support – offering greater choice, control and flexibility

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boy having speech therapy

Early intervention guide for preschoolers

If your child has a disability, or you’re concerned that they are not meeting developmental milestones, then early intervention health and education services may be able to provide support for your child.

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