Woman in a wheelchair using a ramp

Making an accessible home

Everyone wants to feel safe and comfortable in their own home. If you need to modify your home so it is easier to get around, here are some ideas.

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group of people sitting around a table making a plan together

Planning for transition – some key tips

When it comes to transition to adult services, you can never start planning too early. Here are some key tips for getting organised and supporting young people to help plan for a fulfilling future.

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Person typing on a laptop

Workplace modifications

Learn more about where you can get help if you need modifications to your place of work, or assistive equipment to help you do your job.

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Man with disability boarding his car

Help with transport costs

It’s important to get out and about in your community – for work, study or to meet friends. If you’re finding it hard to cover the costs of transport, here are some places you can get help.

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A life in true colour

Daniel Holt has a different view of the world. Living with albinism means he’s sensitive to bright lights – but it’s also given him an edge.

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How not to retire

Barbara Tane’s father worked until he was 82; there is every chance she will do the same. “I can’t see myself stopping soon.” An older brother and sister in their mid-70s still work full-time; another has just retired.

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