Man and woman at a cafe

Dating and disability

If finding a girlfriend or boyfriend is important to you, don’t give up. Let your friends, family and support workers know that having a relationship is important to you and ask for their support.

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Two teens talking at the beach

Managing healthy relationships

Developing good relationships is important for our wellbeing. Good relationships make us feel safe and nurtured; they make us feel valued and give a sense of belonging.

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Fe Jacobs

The many sides of Fe

Often the first thing people see when they meet 23-year-old Fe Jacobs is her disability. She just wishes it wasn’t all they see.

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Kerrianne balances on a beam

Enabling Good Lives: Kerrianne’s journey

Enabling Good Lives has thrown a lifeline to Kerrianne and her family. It gives them the flexibility to use funding for the supports they need. In Kerrianne’s case, travelling to and from the activities she loves is a high priority.

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Young girl reading a picture book

Starting primary school

Starting school is an important milestone for every child. If your child has a disability, you will want to begin planning early to make sure the supports your child will need are in place before they start school.

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