Sport and fitness bring endless opportunities

Born with spina bifida, Maioro Barton has always been keen on physical fitness and activity. With five siblings who are also into sport, it’s fortunate they live only a stone’s throw from a fitness centre which sponsors him and where he spends a lot of time lifting weights and working out.

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Sandra a voice for Gisborne

Sandra Wood describes herself as forthright, and it’s her frank outspokenness that makes the Gisborne local an ideal candidate for a national disabled leadership group.

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Disability Start workshops change attitudes

When a customer with a disability comes to the counter at Hamilton City Council, they know they’re going to be treated appropriately thanks to a training programme running at the council with a local charitable trust. The Disability Start workshops facilitated by Life Unlimited have now expanded into other areas of the council where staff interact…

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Breast cancer diagnosis a health first for Celia

It was Martha Hancey who first spotted three years ago her older sister Cecilia had something wrong with her right breast.
Cecilia, 65, known to those in the Hancey family as Bub and to everyone else that knows her as Celia, was in the shower when Martha saw the inverted nipple.

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Woman in a business meeting using a personal listening device

Tips on how to hear better

Some people living with hearing impairment may benefit from assistive hearing and alerting equipment. These can support individuals to remain active in the community; help with work or study; or enable them to remain living safely in their home.

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Living at home with family and whānau

Living at home with family and whānau can be a great option for people with disabilities. The advantages are being able to enjoy a stable, familiar home environment with people who care.

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Student writing an essay

Tertiary education and training

Tertiary education can give you the necessary skills and provide a pathway to your chosen career. Learn about the types of support available to students, including financial support, scholarships and disability services.

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A busy life for Sally

No one could accuse Sally Marston of wasting her time, with commitments almost every day of the week to social groups, sport and volunteering.

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