Young man applying for a library card

Local support organisations and contacts

There is plenty of support and information available at a local level as well. Here are some local organisations and services that will be able to give you support, education and help with advocacy.

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Woman in a business meeting using a personal listening device

Tips on how to hear better

Some people living with hearing impairment may benefit from assistive hearing and alerting equipment. These can support individuals to remain active in the community; help with work or study; or enable them to remain living safely in their home.

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Teens texting each other on mobile phones

Talking about sex and how to stay safe

It’s important to talk with your teen honestly and openly — and without judgement. Good communication with your teen means they’re more likely to come to you when they have any questions or concerns, or if they need help with something.

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Coping with hearing loss a challenge for former mayor

Former Tararua District mayor Roly Ellis stood down from the role in September 2016 because of hearing problems. “If you cannot hear you cannot make proper decisions around the table, and with such a fast moving job as district mayor, it was necessary to hand over the reins.” Mr Ellis said he’d had hearing problems…

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Living with Parkinson’s

Did you know there are 10,000 people living with Parkinson’s in New Zealand? There is no cure for Parkinson’s, but the good news is many symptoms associated with the condition can be managed, and assistive products can help with independence.

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