Multi Sensory Environments

Discover the “Whare-O-Rongo”: House and garden of senses

A unique place has been built so a range of users can experience many tangible benefits. This specially designed and fitted room plus garden are based on the Snoezelen ‘doze and sniff’ model developed in The Netherlands during the 1970’s. People with disabilities can visit the MSE room and garden to enjoy a wide range of experiences for therapy, learning, relaxation and fun. Using the room and garden is made easy through training and a flexible booking system.

To book please freephone 0800 008 011.

Book either a one hour weekly session (for up to 8 weeks) or book 4 fortnightly sessions at a
time to take advantage of the many benefits this experience offers.

Interactive Display

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Who can benefit from use of the room and garden?

  • Children who have significant special needs such as Cerebral Palsy, intellectual disability, multiple disability or Autism.
  • People who have had a brain injury
  • Adults who have an intellectual disability
  • People who have dementia and related disorders
  • People who have chronic pain
  • People who have mental health problems
  • People who experience stress

Watch the official opening of Life Unlimited’s sensory garden on Monday September 4, 2017

How can use of the room and garden be beneficial to people?

Specialised equipment and resources in the MSE room and garden support people to

  • Completely relax
  • Interact with other people and activities
  • Control some of the activities

The MSE room and garden can assist with:

  • Specific development of the senses
  • Hand-eye co-ordination
  • Understanding “cause and effect”
  • Learning how to interact with other people and activities
  • Choice-making and indicating preferences
  • Learning new skills
  • Memory recall
  • Relaxation and fun
  • Touch – Massage Mattress, weighted blanket, tactile wall and floor panels, fan, tactile plants
  • Sight – Lights, mirror ball, bubble columns, effects projector, fibre optics.
  • Sound – Music, sound effects, musical instruments, water feature.
  • Smell – Fragrant lotions and scented plants.
  • Movement – “Leaf Chair”, hammock swing, foam shapes

Opening hours

9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.


Life Unlimited, 20 Palmerston St, Hamilton.


A small cost of $7.50 including GST per session applies. The charge is invoiced monthly unless on a casual basis by arrangement. Costs may be subsidised by other agencies.

Operating Requirements

Clients must be accompanied by either a parent or a Support Worker, who has been trained in the use of the MSE room and garden.


Training Workshops

Parents or support workers must attend a workshop to use the MSE room and garden. We deliver quarterly training workshops at Life Unlimited, 20 Palmerston Street, Hamilton.  The fee for attending a workshop is $50.00 plus GST per person.

Next basic training workshops: 

  • Wednesday 7 February 2018
  • Thursday 15th March 2018
  • Friday 27 April 2018
  • Tuesday 5 June 2018

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