Family/Whanau Carers Programme

Empowering carers and supporters to provide high levels of care to those they love

The Family/Whanau Carers Programme empowers carers to provide a higher level of care to their family or whanau member who has a disability. Additionally, the programme is designed to ensure that carers are physically and mentally safe themselves.

The Family/Whanau Carers Programme is facilitated and coordinated by Life Unlimited staff with support from specialist presenters.

Who can participate?

Family/Whanau carers, covered by this service, are those who care for people on an informal basis, i.e. voluntarily with no financial reimbursement. Carers include children who are providing informal care to family members.

Note: People who receive Carer Support Subsidy payments are eligible to enrol in the programme.

Eligibility for these programmes does not include:

  • any person who is paid as a home care worker to provide support to a disabled person
  • any carer who is looking after a person with a disability who receives ACC funded support services


The programme is delivered in the Waikato region through ‘Whanau Information Days’, which are run in partnership with host organisations, e.g. providers of services to disabled people, Marae, etc.


There is no cost to attend. -. This is a Ministry of Health funded course.

Enquire Now…

Enquire here for information from Life Unlimited on Family/Whanau Carers programmes near you or if you are interested in planning a programme in your area.

Alternatively, freephone Life Unlimited on 0800 008 011.