Finding financial support

This is where you can find out about what financial support is available if you are caring for a young person with a disability.

Everyday living costs

Work and Income may be able to help with daily living costs as well as the additional costs of living with disability. They may also provide support for urgent, unforeseen expenses.

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) provide support to people who are disabled because of an accident.

Funded care and services

Needs Assessment Service Coordination (NASC) doesn’t provide direct financial support, but they help disabled people and their carers access funded services like home help, respite services and carer support.

Other funding options

It’s important to get out in the community. If you are finding it hard to cover the costs of transport, here are some places you can get help.

If you cannot get government funding for something you or the person you care for need, there are a number of organisations and charitable trusts that may be able to help.

Advocacy and legal support

Check out our advocacy and legal support page if you need help with organisations, healthcare providers or government departments.