New to disability?

Finding out that your child, or the young person you care for, has a disability can be overwhelming. It could take you some time to come to terms with the different course you will now be navigating and it’s a good idea to get the right support and information in place. Your family GP is likely to be a good place to start but often specialist support groups can give you more specific advice.Close-up Of Man Sitting On Wheelchair

National support organisations
There’s nothing like getting support or advice from someone that knows a bit about what you’re going through. National support organisations based on conditions and impairments offer a range of services and advice, including information packs, phone and online help services and advocacy. Read more to see a list of key support organisations.

Local support organisations
Supporting a child with a disability won’t be easy but there is plenty of support and information available at a local level as well.

You might also be interested in our section on carer wellbeing and reading some facts on disability in New Zealand.

Tips for getting started
Here’s some advice and tips from parents, advocates and people with disabilities on supporting a child with disabilities.


Advice service for hard of hearing Oamaru residents

14 December 2020 – Smoke alerting devices for the hard of hearing save lives when installed and thanks to a partnership between Fire and Emergency New Zealand and Life Unlimited Charitable Trust they can now be quickly installed in Oamaru and potentially fully funded. Fire and Emergency New Zealand fire risk management officer Mark Bredenbeck…