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Disability Information and other organisations
Altogether Autism A service operated throughout New Zealand in partnership between Life Unlimited and Parent to Parent New Zealand.  For people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), their families, whanau and the wider New Zealand community.  Provides evidence based information through specially trained Information Officers.
Disabled Persons Assembly NZ (DPA) DPA is a voluntary organisation formed of disabled people to advocate for disabled people and represent our interests to all levels of government and private organisations and businesses.
Manawanui (Individualised Funding Support) Individualised Funding helps you to lead the life you want.  If you are a disabled person, parent or guardian of a disabled person, then you might want more choice about how, when and who provides your government funded support.
National Foundation for the Deaf Inc. (NFD) NFD promotes the interests of over 700,000 deaf and hearing impaired New Zealanders.  NFD focus on breaking down barriers for people with hearing loss and promote the appreciation of good sound.  NFD encourage all New Zealanders to protect and preserve their hearing.
OTRS (Organisation of Therapy Rehabilitation Services) OTRS can help with a wide range of therapeutic and practical solutions to make life easier. Safety and independence needs; worksite assessment; individually designed rehabilitation programmes; medical driving assessment; vehicle suitability and modifications; ‘Brain Action’ cognitive learning; brain injury rehabilitation; advice on modifications to home and workplace; prescription of assistive equipment; consultations to rest homes; return to work rehabilitation and FUNdamentals programme.
Parent to Parent NZ Inc. Information and support network for families who have children or other family members with disabilities, health impairment or special needs.
People First NZ People First New Zealand Inc, Nga Tangata Tuatahi is a self-advocacy organisation, working to empower and support people with learning disability to be strong and valued individuals in New Zealand.
Raukura Hauora O Tainui An Iwi Charitable Trust founded in 1994 on the aspirations of King Tawhiao, the dream of Princess Te Puea Herangi and legacy of the late Dame Te Arikinui Te Atairangikaahu to reclaim the health and wellbeing of the Tainui people. Raukura Hauora O Tainui continues to pursue this goal under the leadership of our King Te Arikinui Tuheitia Paki.
Independent Living Service (ILS) A not-for-profit community focused organisation committed to meeting the needs of disabled people, older persons and their families/whanau. Independent Living Service has a large disability information and advisory centre and product showroom.
Firstport New Zealand’s disability information website providing credible information and links for people with disabilities, their families, whanau and caregivers, health professionals and disability information providers.
Workbridge Inc. Workbridge is a professional employment service for people with all types of disability, including people who have lived with the long-term effects of injury and illness.
Government Departments
Ministry of Education Services for children from birth through to the end of their schooling, who have significant special education needs including: learners with disabilities, learning difficulties, communication, behavioral difficulties, learning difficulties, communication, behavioural difficulties, sensory or physical impairments.
Ministry of Health The Ministry of Health leads New Zealand’s health and disability system, and has overall responsibility for the management and development of that system.
Disability Services Ministry of Health Information about disability support services funded by the Ministry of Health, current projects and programmes.
Ministry of Social Development The Ministry is about helping to build successful individuals, and in turn building strong, healthy families and communities. Working towards this through providing care and protection, employment; funding; social policy and advice to the government; student allowances and loans; and social housing assessments.
Work and Income (WINZ) Work and Income provides financial assistance and employment services throughout New Zealand. They offer a single point of contact for New Zealanders needing job search support, financial assistance and in-work support.
Sports and Activities
Parafed Waikato – Fitness Revolution Parafed Waikato is designed for people who have physical impairments.  This is a fun and social activity group which allows you to meet new people, play games and work on individual fitness goals.
Boccia Boccia is a sport designed for people with physical impairments and is similar to lawn bowls and petanque but is played seated indoors with soft leather balls.
Hearing Therapy
National and International hearing links…
International Aid and Development
cbm cbm New Zealand works with the poorest of the poor; people who have the double disadvantage of living in poverty with a disability.  cbm New Zealand is an international development organisation, operating in 65 countries, bringing support and assistance to children and adults who live with a wide range of impairments such as intellectual and physically disability, blindness and people who can’t hear.  Many of these people have been rejected by their families or live in communities too poor to help them.