What is hearing therapy?

woman listening to another womanHearing therapy offers free advice and support to anybody who experiences difficulty in communicating effectively because of a hearing problem.

Did you know that one in six New Zealanders has a hearing impairment? Problems with hearing can be stressful and lead to difficulties at work, communicating with family and even social isolation.

Our qualified hearing therapists will work directly with you and your family/whanau to evaluate your hearing and make a plan to reach your hearing-related goals and make your daily life easier.

Hearing therapy intervention may even prevent a hearing loss from becoming a serious problem.

Our qualified Hearing Therapists are members of the Hearing Therapist Association of New Zealand (HTANZ)

A hearing therapist can…

  • Complete a hearing evaluation and discuss your hearing difficulties with you
  • Help you use your hearing more effectively
  • Teach ways of improving your communication skills
  • Help you use hearing aid(s) to greater effect
  • Give information about equipment available to assist with daily living, eg; telephone, television, radio, baby monitor, fire alarm
  • Offer information and advice to you and your family
  • Teach speech reading and provide auditory training
  • Offer advice and practical help to people with tinnitus
  • Provide information about hearing loss and its prevention to professional groups, community organisations and the general public

What happens when you visit a hearing therapist?

We’ve made a short video to give you an idea! Timaru hearing therapist Heather Talbott talks us through a first appointment at Life Unlimited Hearing Therapy.