Medical practitioners – how we can help your patients

Do you have patients who are having problems communicating with family? Or have a hearing aid but are not using it properly and need more assistance? Or are they struggling with tinnitus or Meniere’s disease?hearing therapist showing equipment

The national Hearing Therapy is a free service for people needing help with managing hearing loss, funded by the Ministry of Health. It is provided by charitable trust, Life Unlimited.

How to refer: Hearing Therapy can be found in the CareSelect patient management e-referral system at  Referrals can also be made via our online form or by phoning 0800 008 011. Patients are also able to self-refer via phone or online form.

The hearing therapist will work with your patient (and their family/whānau) to develop strategies to help them manage living with a hearing loss – at home, at work and in social situations.

Hearing Therapy does not sell or fit hearing aids but works closely with audiologists where appropriate. Our hearing therapists hold the National Diploma in Hearing Therapy and are members of the Hearing Therapist Association of New Zealand (HTANZ).

We can assist your patient if they:

  • think they have a hearing loss and want a screening test
  • want to understand their options for managing their hearing loss
  • have a hearing aid, but don’t like to wear it or still have difficulty with communication
  • need practical strategies for living with tinnitus/ Meniere’s disease/ increased sensitivity to sounds
  • want to trial, or find out about funding options for, assistive technology e.g. specialised phones, smoke alarms and other alerting equipment.

Hearing Therapy Services is available free for all New Zealand citizens and permanent residents aged 16 years and over. For more information check out